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Do you want to know the sorting effect of aluminum-plastic sorting machine?


On April 6, 2024, the customer came to the factory of Hongxu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. to sample materials. The material was a mixed powdery substance of aluminum foam, copper wire, aluminum wire and iron wire. The customer wanted to separate relatively pure rubber. The powder is then processed into rubber strips for recycling purposes. Our staff developed a suitable sorting plan based on the specific conditions of the materials and selected the appropriate sorting equipment - electrostatic aluminum-plastic sorting machine. Due to the differences in physical properties such as conductivity, electrostatic constant and resistivity between metal materials and plastics, the electrostatic aluminum-plastic sorting machine can use high-voltage electrostatic field force to separate the metal and plastic powder mixtures, with a sorting rate of over 95%. . The customer was very satisfied with the sorting results and brought the material back for testing. The following video shows the test conditions:

The equipment parameters in the video are: diameter 325*2 meters, electronic electrostatic generator, power 3kw

The electrostatic aluminum-plastic sorting machine of Hongxu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has a high degree of automation, processing efficiency and purity, and can be produced in batches. It is widely used in the separation of waste aluminum materials in aluminum alloy plants, waste electrical appliances, automobiles and other fields. Compared with other sorting methods, the electrostatic aluminum-plastic sorter does not need to add water, and is completely dry physical separation without producing any by-products. The electrostatic aluminum-plastic sorting machine greatly improves the waste recycling rate, reduces the negative impact on the environment, and is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Customers are welcome to inquire by email and test the machine with materials. Hongxu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. will serve you wholeheartedly!

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