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The high quality vertical hoist is a piece of equipment commonly used to transport materials, usually consisting of a hopper suspended from a chain. Its main function is to quickly lift materials from below to above through these hoppers. This type of hoist has some features and advantages, let's take a look:

Stable operation: The design of the vertical elevator enables it to maintain stability during operation and ensure safe transportation of materials.

Uniform feeding: Through the hopper hanging on the chain, the material can be fed evenly to prevent tilt or unevenness during the lifting process.

Small footprint: The structure of vertical hoists is usually relatively compact and can complete vertical transportation of materials in limited space, thus saving floor space.

Saving space: Due to its vertical conveying characteristics, vertical hoists have advantages in space utilization and are especially suitable for places with height restrictions.

Generally speaking, vertical elevators are widely used in industry and production fields to handle various materials, such as powdery materials, granular materials, etc. Its efficient vertical conveying capability makes it an important material conveying equipment.

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Hammer Mill Elevator

Hammer Mill Elevator

Hammer Mill Elevator from Hongxu factory exhibits versatile applications in vertical material lifting across grain processing plants, grain storage facilities, oil processing plants, feed mills, and other pellet-related industries.

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Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator

The Hongxu's high quality bucket elevator is an ideal new material conveying equipment that integrates horizontal conveying and lifting of materials, and can realize self-feeding, multi-point loading and multi-point unloading. The bucket elevator has a large lifting height, stable lifting, small footprint, and good sealing performance. It can be suitable for transporting block, powdery and small particle materials.

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