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Vertical Air Separator
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Vertical Air Separator

Vertical Air Separators from Hongxu supplier and manufacturer can play a key role in the recycling of industrial waste, automobile crushed materials, scrap recycling materials, scrap steel crushed materials, household appliances crushed materials, etc. Therefore, with this equipment, companies no longer need to worry about solid waste recycling issues, and it has become a common equipment in various major industries.

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Product Description

With the development of various major industries, many different equipments have emerged. Especially in the solid waste recycling industry, equipment such as air separators have appeared, mainly used to separate light materials and heavy materials. A kind of equipment, because light materials still have no use value, so some heavy materials often need to be recycled. This equipment can be used to complete the sorting.

The Vertical Air Separator is a kind of mechanical equipment used in solid waste sorting and recycling. Its main function is to blow away the light objects in the solid waste through the action of wind, so as to achieve the purpose of separating light and heavy materials and facilitate the collection. The sorting equipment comes down to recycle the resources in the solid waste. This can also provide corresponding help for the subsequent sorting work, so that the subsequent sorting work can be carried out in an orderly manner, and the recovery of materials can be completed in a short time.

Vertical Air Separator parameter table
Equipment model Production per hour (tons) Power (KW) Body size (mm)
7.5KW 0.6-1tons 7.5KW 2750*1130*3400
11KW 1-2tons 11KW 2750*1130*3670
15KW 2-3tons 15KW 2750*1130*3670
18.5KW 3-4tons 18.5KW 2750*1130*3670
22KW 4-5tons 22KW 2300*1500*4270

The air sorting machine can be controlled by frequency conversion, so it has adjustable wind speed, low power, low noise, and large processing capacity. More importantly, it can also meet the needs of sorting materials with different properties. In addition, because of its strong adaptability, it can be used in some harsh environments. It can also be applied in the working environment, allowing enterprises to complete sorting work through this equipment.

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