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Plastic Electrostatic Separator

With the rapid development of technology and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the amount of waste plastics is increasing, and the recycling of plastics is difficult. When recycling waste plastics, it is necessary to classify and sort different types of plastics. Currently, it is commonly used The sorting methods include density sorting, solvent sorting, vibration sorting, etc., all of which require wastewater treatment. Improper treatment will cause secondary pollution to the environment. After sorting, plastics also need to be cleaned, dehydrated, etc., which increases The complexity and uncontrollability of the sorting process. The plastic electrostatic separator has a simple process and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

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Product Description

Hongxu Mechanical high quality plastic electrostatic separator, is a device used to separate mixed plastic materials. It is often used in the field of plastic recycling. It can simultaneously separate 2-5 types of mixed plastics with a purity of more than 98%. After the plastics of mixed materials are separated, the sales price and recycling quality will increase.

Application fields of plastic electrostatic separator

The plastic electrostatic separator is suitable for all kinds of mixed plastics that are difficult to sort by density flotation. It can separate plastics of different materials. It is often used for plastic waste, broken materials for home appliance casings, broken materials for aluminum insulation strips of broken bridges, and broken materials for electric vehicles. Materials, toy broken materials, daily miscellaneous small noise materials, etc., ABS, PS, submersible PP, flame-retardant ABS, flame-retardant PS, PET, PVC, PA, PE are separated and sorted, and the sorting purity reaches 99%.

Working principle of plastic electrostatic separator

The electrostatic separator uses the principle that different types of plastics are heated and rubbed to produce differences in the amount of charge. Plastics with different charges have different displacements in the high-voltage electrostatic field to separate 2-5 categories of mixed plastics to achieve waste disposal. Automatic sorting of plastics. The sorting process is simple and can remove impurities such as dust and moisture on plastics. No other substances will be produced during the sorting process and no secondary pollution will be caused to the environment.

Advantages of plastic electrostatic separator

(1) The sorting effect is stable
The plastic electrostatic separator is a device that uses the principle of electrostatic separation to separate mixed plastics in categories 2-5. The purity can reach more than 95% in a single sorting, and close to 99% in two or three sortings.

(2) Purely physical sorting mode
Compared with density sorting, solvent sorting, vibration sorting and other methods, the electrostatic sorting machine adopts a purely physical sorting mode, which does not require water treatment. There are no three wastes in the sorting process and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

(3) High compatibility
The plastic electrostatic separator can separate and sort common plastic materials, and is suitable for various mixed plastics that are difficult to sort by density flotation method.

(4) Use vertical elevator to load materials
The vertical elevator is a device used to transport materials. Materials are transported through a hopper suspended on a chain, which can quickly lift materials from below to above. The vertical elevator operates stably, feeds materials evenly, and occupies a small area. Can greatly save space.

(5) Simple operation and cost saving
The electrostatic sorting machine adopts a master control power distribution cabinet and multiple control buttons to achieve intelligent control. Just put the materials evenly into the equipment to easily complete the separation and sorting. The operation is simple and saves labor costs.

(6) Variable frequency control
In the variable frequency speed regulation system, the frequency converter is used to control the motor so that the motor runs at the required speed. The frequency conversion speed regulation system has the advantages of soft start, soft braking and smooth speed regulation, which can save energy.

(7) Adopt modular design
The plastic electrostatic separator is equipped with multiple observation doors, which can be opened at any time to view the operating status of the equipment to facilitate troubleshooting and maintenance.

(8) Equipment has long service life
The bearings are from international first-line brands, and the motors and reducers are from mainstream Chinese brands. High-quality bearings, motors, reducers, etc. can extend the service life of the equipment, ensure stable operation of the equipment, and save energy costs.

plastic electrostatic separator parameters

product name plastic electrostatic separator Storage part 2000mm*3000mm*2300mm
Power consumption 80KW, 380V/50HZ Sorting part Automatic feeding bin*1
Sorting purity ≥98% dry part Multi-stage electrostatic sorting mode
work capacity 1-3T/H Conveying part 20-25KW dryer*2
Equipment size 3600mm*2280mm*6000mm Discharging part 1.1KW vertical hoist*5

If you purchase an plastic electrostatic separator, we will provide a full range of technical support and services to make your use worry-free. The following accessories are also included: electrostatic separator host, motor, cycloid reducer, power distribution cabinet , vertical elevator*5, single spiral feeding dryer, double spiral feeding dryer, automatic feeding bin, packaging machine*3, heightening legs, operation video, etc.

After-sales service

(1) During the warranty period: From the date of product acceptance, warranty services will be provided in strict accordance with the warranty period promised in the contract signed by both parties. The hardware warranty does not include equipment damage caused by man-made or force majeure factors (natural disasters, earthquakes, lightning strikes, insect disasters, etc.). The company will provide paid service commitments at the lowest cost price.

(2) Outside the warranty period: Provide lifelong maintenance and service commitments. After the expiration of the warranty period, if the equipment is damaged by customer operators, we are guaranteed to provide accessories and services at the best prices, and only charge appropriate cost fees, labor fees and travel expenses.

(3) If the equipment fails during use, whether during the warranty period or after the expiration of the warranty period, we will immediately make a substantial response to the user and propose a solution.

(4) From the day the equipment passes the acceptance inspection, the technical department will establish customer after-sales service files and provide customers with long-term technical consultation and quality assurance tracking services. During the warranty period and after the expiration of the warranty period, we will conduct regular telephone return visits and quality tracking visits, keep records of return visits, and provide timely feedback.

(5) The company provides free technical training, technical guidance, daily maintenance training and other services for customer operators until the operators can skillfully use the equipment. Conduct equipment experiments for customers' new materials free of charge.

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