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Plastic Electrostatic Sorting Equipment
  • Plastic Electrostatic Sorting EquipmentPlastic Electrostatic Sorting Equipment

Plastic Electrostatic Sorting Equipment

Introducing Hongxu Mechanical's Plastic Electrostatic Sorting Equipment, the cutting-edge solution for sorting and separating plastic waste based on their electrical properties. Designed for efficiency, reliability and sustainability, this advanced technology helps in reducing the amount of plastic waste going to landfills or incinerators which contribute to environmental degradation.

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Product Description

The Hongxu Mechanical’s Plastic Electrostatic Sorting Equipment is a device used to separate mixed waste plastic materials and is often used in the field of plastic recycling.

Function introduction: sorting mixtures of different materials. The dry physical separation method can be used to separate plastics of different materials. It is often used for plastic waste, household appliance casing broken materials, electric vehicle broken materials, toy broken materials and other plastic waste ABS/PS/submersible PP/flame-retardant ABS/ Flame retardant PS, PET, PVC, PA, PE, PA separation.

Advantages: flexible equipment adaptation, wide sorting power, fine adjustment, visual window, high cost performance

Plastic Electrostatic Sorting Equipment parameters

product name Plastic Electrostatic Sorting Equipment Storage part 2000mm*3000mm*2300mm
Power consumption 80KW, 380V/50HZ Sorting part Automatic feeding bin*1
Sorting purity ≥98% dry part Multi-stage electrostatic sorting mode
work capacity 1-3T/H Conveying part 20-25KW dryer*2
Equipment size 3600mm*2280mm*6000mm Discharging part 1.1KW vertical hoist*5

The Plastic Electrostatic Sorting Equipment includes features that are essential for efficient plastic sorting, such as a high voltage electrostatic separator and a vibrating feeder that ensures accurate and consistent feeding of plastic waste onto the conveyor belt. The electrostatic separation technology utilises the varying electrical conductivity of different plastic resins.

Sorting plastic waste using our Plastic Electrostatic Sorting Equipment reduces the dependence on manual sorting which is highly inefficient and does not guarantee the accuracy of the sorting. This technology ensures a high-quality output by removing impurities and ensuring that only quality plastics are recovered, which can be recycled and turned into new products like packaging materials or construction materials.

The equipment is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It has a user-friendly control panel that can be easily operated and monitored by an operator. The equipment is also designed to be highly adaptable to different types of plastic waste and can process various shapes, sizes, and composition of plastic waste.

In addition to offering exceptional performance, the Plastic Electrostatic Sorting Equipment is also environmentally friendly. It reduces the amount of plastic waste going into the landfills, contributing to the reduction of plastic waste accumulation, and supports the establishment of a circular economy.

In conclusion, our Plastic Electrostatic Sorting Equipment is a top-notch product in terms of quality, efficiency, and reliability. It is built to deliver high-performance sorting solutions that produce top-quality plastics that can be recycled into new products. So, if you're looking to purchase a quality Electrostatic Sorting Equipment for sorting and recycling plastic waste, consider our Plastic Electrostatic Sorting Equipment.

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