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High Voltage Electrostatic Separator
  • High Voltage Electrostatic SeparatorHigh Voltage Electrostatic Separator

High Voltage Electrostatic Separator

Hongxu Mechanical High Voltage Electrostatic Separator is one of the advanced and efficient equipment used for separating various types of materials with different conductivity. The equipment uses the principle of electrostatic attraction and repulsion, coupled with the different conductivity of materials, to efficiently separate and recover valuable resources from waste.

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Product Description

Designed to meet the needs of various industries, this Hongxu Mechanical electrostatic separator is versatile and can be used to treat a wide range of materials, such as plastic, metal, rubber, and minerals. It is widely used in electronic waste recycling, mineral processing, and metal recovery.

High Voltage Electrostatic Separator parameters

product name High Voltage Electrostatic Separator Storage part 2000mm*3000mm*2300mm
Power consumption 80KW, 380V/50HZ Sorting part Automatic feeding bin*1
Sorting purity ≥98% dry part Multi-stage electrostatic sorting mode
work capacity 1-3T/H Conveying part 20-25KW dryer*2
Equipment size 3600mm*2280mm*6000mm Discharging part 1.1KW vertical hoist*5

The design of the High Voltage Electrostatic Separator is simple yet effective. The equipment consists of a high voltage power supply, a separation chamber, and a conductive roller electrode. The materials to be separated are fed into the separation chamber, where they undergo a triboelectric charging process. Once the materials are charged, they are attracted to or repelled by the conductive roller electrode, and the separation is achieved through the difference in conductivity.

One of the advantages of this equipment is its high separation efficiency. It can achieve a separation efficiency of up to 99%, making it an ideal choice for materials that are difficult to separate by conventional methods. The equipment is also designed for easy operation and maintenance, with user-friendly controls and a low-maintenance requirement.

In addition to its high efficiency and ease of use, the High Voltage Electrostatic Separator is also environmentally friendly. It uses electrostatic forces to separate materials instead of chemicals, reducing the need for harmful chemicals and minimizing the impact on the environment.

Overall, the High Voltage Electrostatic Separator offers an excellent solution for separating and recovering valuable resources from various types of waste. Its high efficiency, ease of use, and environmental friendliness make it an essential tool for industries looking to reduce waste and improve resource utilization.

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