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Air Separator Machine
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Air Separator Machine

The Hongxu's high quality air separator machines are a kind of sorting equipment used to separate light materials and heavy materials. air separator machines are usually used at the front end of the sorting line to perform preliminary separation of materials to be sorted and use wind power to separate solid waste. The light materials in the materials are blown away to achieve the separation of light and heavy materials, which can solve the problem of light materials clogging in the subsequent process and reduce the work intensity of subsequent equipment.

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Product Description

The air separator machine has low power and large processing capacity. It is usually used in a variety of solid waste mixtures such as industrial waste, automobile crushed tailings, incinerator ash, and household appliance crushed materials.

Application fields of air separation machine

air separator machines can be widely used in the field of solid waste sorting, including industrial waste, automobile crushing tailings, scrap recycling materials, furnace ashes, scrap steel crushing materials, household appliances crushing materials and other solid waste mixed materials. The air separator machine can separate light and heavy materials, facilitate the further processing of solid waste materials, effectively avoid the waste of resources, and reduce environmental pollution.

Working principle of air separation machine

The air separator machine uses wind power to remove lint, dust, sponges, paper films, strings and other light objects from solid waste to achieve separation and sorting of light and heavy materials. air separator machines are usually used in the front section of solid waste sorting lines to facilitate subsequent sorting equipment to further process solid waste materials.

Advantages of air separation machine

(1) Adopt modular design
Important parts are designed with opening and closing windows, so the operating status of the equipment can be checked at any time, making it easy to troubleshoot and repair.

(2) Variable frequency control
The air volume and wind speed are adjustable, which can meet the sorting requirements of materials with different properties. It is simple to operate and easy to use.

(3) The sorting effect is stable
The air separator machine uses wind power to achieve efficient separation of light and heavy materials. The sorting rate can reach 99%, which can effectively avoid the waste of resources.

(4) Vibrating feeder
When the vibrating feeder is working, the vibrating motor generates vibration, and the excitation force of the vibrating feeder acts on the materials, shaking the materials evenly into the air separator machine, effectively avoiding the unstable sorting effect of the equipment caused by uneven feeding. Case.

(5) Equipment has long service life
The bearings are from international first-line brands, and the motors and reducers are from mainstream Chinese brands. High-quality bearings, motors, reducers, etc. can extend the service life of the equipment, ensure stable operation of the equipment, and save energy costs.

(6) Strong and durable
The entire air separation machine adopts thickened square tubes, which makes the equipment more stable, less prone to deformation, and more durable.

(7) Strong adaptability
It can meet the sorting needs of materials with different properties and can work normally in harsh working environments.

(8) Environmentally friendly and pollution-free
The air separator machine uses a purely physical separation method, using wind to blow away the light materials from the solid waste materials to achieve the separation of light and heavy materials. Pure physical means are used in the separation and sorting process, which does not produce chemical reactions and will not cause pollution to the environment. At the same time, it can reduce the waste of resources.

Since there are many models of air separation machines, in order to better provide customers with professional technical services, our company can provide corresponding model recommendations according to customers' different needs.

air separator machine parameter table
Equipment model Production per hour (tons) Power (KW) Body size (mm)
7.5KW 0.6-1tons 7.5KW 2750*1130*3400
11KW 1-2tons 11KW 2750*1130*3670
15KW 2-3tons 15KW 2750*1130*3670
18.5KW 3-4tons 18.5KW 2750*1130*3670
22KW 4-5tons 22KW 2300*1500*4270

If you purchase an air separator machine, we will provide a full range of technical support and services to make your use worry-free. The following accessories are also included: host, motor, fan, cycloidal reducer, unloader, and frequency conversion control cabinet. , vibrating feeder, heightened legs, operation video, etc.

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