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Hongxu machinery manufacturer that continues to pioneer and innovate


Hongxu Machinery Manufacturing Factory, located in Shunping County, Hebei Province, China, was established in 2014 and has been in business for 10 years now. The corporate culture of Hongxu Machinery Manufacturing Factory is "survive by quality, develop by reputation". Adhering to this concept, the working team of Hongxu Machinery Manufacturing Factory continues to innovate and forge ahead, and has developed a series of mechanical products. On this basis Hongxu Machinery Manufacturing Factory has also continuously updated and upgraded its products. Hongxu Machinery Manufacturing Factory has successfully entered China's high-tech enterprise industry, and many workers have been awarded the title of "Shunping Craftsman". Therefore, Hongxu Machinery Manufacturing Factory has gained the favor of many domestic and foreign customers.

Hongxu Machinery Manufacturer is a source manufacturer dedicated to producing plastic waste recycling machinery. The products mainly include sorting equipment, conveying equipment, polyester bottle flake recycling equipment and drying equipment and other products. A number of products have been patented, such as Eddy Current Aluminum Plastic Separator, electrostatic aluminum plastic separators and Specific Gravity Air Separator.

Our products are constantly innovating, our services are constantly improving, and our quality is constantly improving. Choosing Hongxu machinery manufacturer and purchasing Hongxu machinery is the right choice for you.

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