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Plastic Crusher Machine

The Hongxu's high quality plastic crusher machine is a device used to crush various plastics and rubber (such as plastic special-shaped materials, tubes, rods, silk threads, films, waste rubber products, etc.). According to different blades and working principles, it can be divided into hammer crusher, flower knife crusher, straight knife crusher and herringbone knife crusher. The crusher is made of thick workmanship, wear-resistant and impact-resistant, has a long service life and high working efficiency.

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Product Description

Application fields of plastic crusher machine

Due to the different knife types of the plastic crusher machine, the applicable materials are also different. The flower knife plastic crusher machine is used to crush mineral water bottles, flower B, flower C, large and small white and other materials; the straight knife plastic crusher machine is generally used to crush some materials with larger diameter or larger volume, such as trash cans, plastic barrels, large and small blue barrels etc.; the herringbone knife plastic crusher machine is also called the eight-shaped knife plastic crusher machine. The eight-shaped knife is divided into knife holder type and vertical plate type. The knife holder type eight-shaped knife is generally used to crush some soft plastics (plastic films, woven bags and soft PVC materials, etc. ), the vertical plate type eight-shaped knife is mainly used to crush polyester packing belts, which can effectively avoid the problem of shaft wrapping during the crushing process of packing belts; the hammer plastic crusher machine is also called a plastic crusher machine, which can be used to crush hard PVC, plastic steel, large and small white Tubes and gussets, large and small noise materials, stroller materials and other materials.

Working principle of plastic crusher machine

A plastic crusher machine is a device that breaks plastic products into smaller particles. There are multiple rotating knives inside the plastic plastic crusher machine. The knives are usually made of high-speed steel or carbide, which can cut plastic products into small particles. There is a screen inside to control the particle size. The smaller the pore size of the screen, the smaller the particles. After the plastic products enter the plastic crusher machine from the feed port, they are broken into small particles through the action of knives and screens, and then discharged from the discharge port. The plastic crusher machine usually consists of a motor, a reducer, a transmission shaft, etc., and drives the cutter to rotate through the transmission device, thereby crushing plastic products. There are many different types of plastic crusher machines, such as hammer plastic crusher machines, flower knife plastic crusher machines, herringbone plastic crusher machines, etc. Different types of plastic crusher machines differ in their crushing methods and internal structures, but their basic working principles are similar.

Advantages of plastic crusher machine

(1) Flexible response to various types of waste plastics
The plastic crusher machine adopts advanced technology and design, which can efficiently and thoroughly crush various types of waste plastics such as large blue barrels, ring materials, plastic bags, plastic bags, plastic films, woven bags and other waste plastics. Regardless of the type and shape of the plastic material, the plastic crusher machine can easily handle it and quickly crush it into reusable particles to maximize the use of resources.

(2) Reliable quality and strong durability
The key components of the plastic crusher machine are made of high-quality materials and advanced technology to ensure the quality, reliability and durability of the plastic crusher machine. We pay attention to every detail of the production process and continuously improve the quality and performance of our products to ensure that users can use the plastic crusher machine stably and for a long time to efficiently process waste plastics.

(3) Low noise
The plastic crusher machine adopts a fully enclosed structure, and adds sound insulation cotton and sound insulation cover on the original basis to reduce the decibels to a lower level and achieve the noise reduction effect.
(4) Widely applicable and used in multiple scenarios
The plastic crusher machine has a wide range of applications and can be used in multiple scenarios such as waste plastic recycling and processing enterprises, waste material recycling stations, and plastic product manufacturers. Whether it is processing waste plastic films, woven bags, or various types of hard plastics, the plastic crusher machine can ensure that the task is completed efficiently and reliably, bringing convenience and benefits.

(5) Energy saving and high efficiency
The plastic crusher machine can break waste plastic products into small plastic particles. These pellets can be reprocessed into new plastic products, reducing reliance on raw materials and reducing environmental pollution.

(6) Equipment has long service life
The bearings are from international first-line brands, and the motors and reducers are from mainstream Chinese brands. High-quality bearings, motors, reducers, etc. can extend the service life of the equipment, ensure stable operation of the equipment, and save energy costs. The overall use of thickened square tubes makes the equipment more stable, less likely to deform, and more durable.

(7) Simple operation and cost saving
The plastic crusher machine adopts a master control power distribution cabinet and multiple control buttons to achieve intelligent control. Just put the materials evenly into the equipment to easily complete the crushing. The operation is simple and labor costs are saved.

Instructions for use

(1) Connect the power supply correctly. Before starting, turn the inertia wheel by hand to check whether there are any abnormal debris in the machine room.
(2) Start idling and check whether the direction of the power knife is correct. If it is reversed, correct it in time. Start idling normally for 3-5 minutes, fasten the feed chamber, and if the conditions are met, you can start production.
(3) Do not feed materials 5 minutes before shutting down. The remaining materials in the plastic crusher machine chamber should be completely crushed and unloaded before shutting down. (4) It is strictly prohibited to put metal and other hard objects into the crushing chamber.
(5) If abnormal sound response is found, stop the machine immediately, turn off the power, check the cause, and then restart the machine after troubleshooting.

5. Since there are many different types of plastic crusher machines, such as hammer plastic crusher machine, flower knife plastic crusher machine, herringbone plastic crusher machine, etc. There are many different types of plastic crusher machines. In order to better provide customers with professional technical services, our company can provide corresponding model recommendations according to the different needs of customers.

6. If you purchase a plastic crusher machine, we will provide you with a full range of technical support and services to make your use worry-free. The following accessories are also included: plastic crusher machine host, motor, screen, counterweight wheel, soft-start power distribution cabinet , anti-splash curtain, reducer or hydraulic pump station, operation video, etc.

After-sales service

(1) During the warranty period: Warranty services will be provided in strict accordance with the warranty period promised in the contract signed by both parties from the date of product acceptance. The hardware warranty does not include equipment damage caused by man-made or force majeure factors (natural disasters, earthquakes, lightning strikes, insect disasters, etc.). The company will provide paid service commitments at the lowest cost price.

(2) Outside the warranty period: Provide lifelong maintenance and service commitments. After the expiration of the warranty period, if the equipment is damaged by customer operators, we are guaranteed to provide accessories and services at the best prices, and only charge appropriate cost fees and labor.
fees and travel expenses.

(3) If the equipment fails during use, whether during the warranty period or after the expiration of the warranty period, we will immediately make a substantial response to the user and propose a solution.

(4) From the day the equipment passes the acceptance inspection, the technical department will establish customer after-sales service files and provide customers with long-term technical consultation and quality assurance tracking services. During the warranty period and after the expiration of the warranty period, we will conduct regular telephone return visits and quality tracking visits, keep records of return visits, and provide timely feedback.

(5) The company provides free technical training, technical guidance, daily maintenance training and other services for customer operators until the operators can skillfully use the equipment.

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