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Stainless Steel Separator

Stainless steel separator, also known as stainless steel magnetic separator, is a sorting equipment that uses magnetic force to separate iron, stainless steel and plastics. It can separate iron, stainless steel and other ferrous metals from mixed materials, which can effectively avoid the waste of resources. waste.

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Product Description

The stainless steel separator has stable separation effect, low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, and high work efficiency. It is suitable for waste household appliances, broken bridge aluminum recycling, slag tailings, scrap steel tailings, cable wire crushing materials and other fields.

Application fields of stainless steel separator

Stainless steel separators can be widely used in the field of solid waste sorting, including dismantling of used household appliances, recycling of broken bridge aluminum, slag tailings, scrap steel tailings, cable wire crushing, etc. The treatment and recycling of solid waste has always been a worldwide problem. Recycling and reusing solid waste can not only save resources, but also reduce environmental pollution. As people continue to promote garbage classification and resource recycling As awareness continues to increase, traditional garbage disposal methods (such as landfill, compost, etc.) can no longer meet the needs of modern society for garbage classification and resource utilization, and currently promoted technologies such as classified recycling and resource reuse will also become future developments. direction.

Working principle of stainless steel separator

The stainless steel separator uses RuFeBoron, known as the "Magnetic King", as the magnetic core. The magnetic force can be 10,000-15,000 Gauss. The crushed materials are transported to the stainless steel separator through the conveyor belt, and the materials are spread evenly on the belt through vibration of the vibrating feed port. , according to the difference in magnetic permeability of the material, when passing through the magnetic roller, the iron is separated from the first outlet, the stainless steel is separated from the second outlet, and the remaining materials fall automatically from the third outlet. The stainless steel separator can separate iron, stainless steel and other ferrous metals from mixed materials, with a separation rate of 99%. The stainless steel separator makes the recycling of solid waste easier and faster. It can also improve the recycling rate of materials and greatly reduce labor costs.

Advantages of stainless steel separator

(1) The sorting effect is stable
The stainless steel separator uses mixed materials to enter a strong magnetic sorting area. Under the action of the magnetic field, it can achieve efficient separation of ferrous metals (iron, stainless steel, etc.) and non-metallic materials. The sorting rate can reach 99%, effectively avoiding Waste of resources.

(2) Strong magnetism
The stainless steel separator uses strong magnetic rollers and ring-shaped magnets. The magnetic force can reach 10,000-15,000 Gauss. The magnetic force is stronger and can absorb 201, 304, and 316 stainless steel.

(3) The baffle gap is adjustable
The baffle gap of the eddy current aluminum-plastic separator is adjustable, which can meet the sorting requirements of materials with different properties. The baffle gap can be adjusted to achieve the ideal separation effect. Simple operation and convenient adjustment.

(4) Vibrating feeder
When the vibrating feeder is working, the vibrating motor generates vibration, and the excitation force of the vibrating feeder acts on the materials, shaking the materials evenly onto the belt, effectively avoiding unstable sorting effects of the equipment caused by uneven feeding of materials. Condition.

(5) Equipment has long service life
The bearings are from international first-line brands, and the motors and reducers are from mainstream Chinese brands. High-quality bearings, motors, reducers, etc. can extend the service life of the equipment, ensure stable operation of the equipment, and save energy costs.

(6) You can check the operating status of the equipment at any time
The stainless steel separator is equipped with multiple observation doors, which can be opened at any time to check the operating status of the equipment, making it easy to troubleshoot and repair.

(7) Strong and durable
The stainless steel separator uses thickened square tubes as a whole, making the equipment more stable, less prone to deformation, and more durable.

(8) The conveyor belt material is durable
The conveyor belt of the equipment is made of PU material. Generally, the hardness of PU is 92 Shore hardness. Compared with other ordinary materials, it has stronger hardness, faster rebound, and stronger wear resistance, which can avoid the equipment being damaged. During operation, the conveyor belt is damaged by contact and friction with the material, and the PU material is also healthier and more environmentally friendly.

(9) Environmentally friendly and pollution-free
The stainless steel separator completely adopts a pure physical separation method, using magnetic force to separate iron, stainless steel, etc. in the mixed material. Different materials have different magnetic permeability to achieve the separation and sorting of the mixed material. The purely physical method will not cause pollution to the environment. At the same time, it can reduce the waste of resources.

Stainless steel separator parameter table
Product number Production per hour (tons) Power (KW) Body size (mm)
Type 600 0.8-1 ton 1.5KW 2620*840*1890
Type 800 1-2 tons 2.2KW 2620*1040*1890
Type 1000 2-3 tons 2.2KW 2890*1240*2335
Type 1200 3-4 tons 2.2KW 2890*1440*2335

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