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Double Spiral Dryer
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Double Spiral Dryer

The double spiral dryer from Hongxu supplier is a device that efficiently dries various plastics and plastic particles. It can effectively dry materials evenly and improve the sorting efficiency of subsequent equipment. The double spiral dryer has an automatic temperature control system, large output, uniform discharging, and a small footprint. It can be widely used in various plastics and plastic granules.

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Product Description

Working principle of dryer

Add the plastic particles or powder to be processed into the double-spiral dryer through the feed port. After the equipment is started, the plastic particles are evenly mixed to prevent the particles from clumping and adhesion. The heating system starts to work, using the principle of instant air drying. By controlling the hot air temperature and air flow speed, the air temperature is increased. The hot air is mixed with the material, so that the moisture on the surface of the material is evaporated, and the material is evenly dried. After a certain period of drying, the plastic particles reach the required dryness and can be discharged through the discharge port.

Advantages of double spiral dryer

(1) High efficiency and energy saving
The double spiral dryer uses an efficient heating system and heat exchange technology to quickly heat and dry materials while minimizing energy consumption.

(2) Automatic control
The double spiral dryer is equipped with an advanced control system, which can automatically control the drying process according to the set parameters, improving the convenience and stability of operation.

(3) Temperature control system
The equipment temperature can be monitored and controlled in real time through the intelligent control panel, which brings convenience to the work of operation and maintenance personnel.

(4) The whole machine can be disassembled
The double spiral dryer can be disassembled for easy cleaning and repair, and is simple and convenient to maintain.

(5) High drying efficiency
The double-spiral dryer adopts heating system and heat exchange technology. It heats up quickly. The material fully exchanges heat with the hot air flow in the equipment. The moisture contained in the material is gradually dried, thereby achieving the purpose of drying and having high drying efficiency.

(6) Equipment has long service life
The bearings are from international first-line brands, and the motors and reducers are from mainstream Chinese brands. High-quality bearings, motors, reducers, etc. can extend the service life of the equipment, ensure stable operation of the equipment, and save energy costs.

(7) Multiple drying modes can be switched freely
The double-spiral dryer can switch between multiple drying modes according to the requirements of different materials to meet different production needs.

3. Since double spiral dryers are made of different materials (including stainless steel and carbon steel) and have many models, in order to better provide customers with professional technical services, our company can provide Corresponding models are recommended and customized.

4. If you purchase a double-spiral dryer, we will provide a full range of technical support and services to make your use worry-free. The following accessories are also included: host, motor, frequency conversion control cabinet, electric heating tube, elevated legs, Operation video, etc.

After-sales service

(1) During the warranty period: From the date of product acceptance, warranty services will be provided in strict accordance with the warranty period promised in the contract signed by both parties. The hardware warranty does not include equipment damage caused by man-made or force majeure factors (natural disasters, earthquakes, lightning strikes, insect disasters, etc.). The company will provide paid service commitments at the lowest cost price.
(2) Outside the warranty period: Provide lifelong maintenance and service commitments. After the expiration of the warranty period, if the equipment is damaged by customer operators, we are guaranteed to provide accessories and services at the best prices, and only charge appropriate cost fees, labor fees and travel expenses.
(3) If the equipment fails during use, whether during the warranty period or after the expiration of the warranty period, we will immediately make a substantial response to the user and propose a solution.
(4) From the day the equipment passes the acceptance inspection, the technical department will establish customer after-sales service files and provide customers with long-term technical consultation and quality assurance tracking services. During the warranty period and after the expiration of the warranty period, we will conduct regular telephone return visits and quality tracking visits, keep records of return visits, and provide timely feedback.
(5) The company provides free technical training, technical guidance, daily maintenance training and other services for customer operators until the operators can skillfully use the equipment.
(6) Conduct equipment experiments for customers’ new materials free of charge

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