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Single Auger Dryer Machine
  • Single Auger Dryer MachineSingle Auger Dryer Machine

Single Auger Dryer Machine

The China Hongxu Single Auger Dryer Machine serves as an efficient device for drying a variety of plastics and plastic particles. Its functionality extends to the even drying of materials, contributing to enhanced sorting efficiency in subsequent equipment. Featuring an automatic temperature control system, this double-spiral dryer boasts large output, uniform discharging, and a compact footprint. Its versatile application spans across various plastics and plastic granules, making it a valuable tool in the drying process.

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Product Description

Working principle of dryer

Since Single Auger Dryer Machines are made of different materials (including stainless steel and carbon steel) and have many models, in order to better provide customers with professional technical services, our company can provide corresponding products according to the different needs of customers. Model recommendation and customization.

Advantages of Single Auger Dryer Machine

(1) High efficiency and energy saving
(2) Automatic control
(3) Temperature control system
(4) The whole machine can be disassembled
(5) High drying efficiency
(6) Equipment has long service life
(7) Multiple drying modes can be switched freely

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