Plastic Silicone Machine
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Plastic Silicone Machine

The Plastic Silicone Machine from Hongxu factory is a sorting equipment for solid waste broken materials. It uses elasticity and friction to separate impurities such as silica gel, rubber, wood, tape and dust in the plastic mixture, reducing the frequency of screen changes in the subsequent granulation process. As well as the hollowness, blisters, peeling and delamination of the product during the injection molding process to enhance the product value.

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Product Description

Application fields of silicone rubber sorting machine

Plastic Silicone Machine can be widely used in the field of solid waste sorting, and can be used for battery shell materials, steel plant materials, iron plant PP materials, home appliance materials, daily miscellaneous materials, battery shell materials, HDPE crushed materials, PP salt water bottle crushed materials , PC crushed materials, PC/ABS crushed materials, PA crushed materials and other crushed materials that need to be purified and engineering injection molding, etc., the sorting purity reaches more than 98%.

Function introduction: Remove impurities such as silicone, rubber, wood, tape and dust from plastics.

Advantages: physical sorting, saving time and labor, stable effect, high efficiency, large production capacity, removal rate of 99%

Applicable materials: electronic waste crushed materials and automobile crushed materials, electric vehicles, electric toy crushed materials, furniture and household appliances crushed materials, and other mixed plastics after metal removal. For the above large pieces of mixed plastics, they can also be directly crushed and dried for sorting.

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