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Aluminum Plastic Separation Machine
  • Aluminum Plastic Separation MachineAluminum Plastic Separation Machine

Aluminum Plastic Separation Machine

The Hongxu Mechanical's Aluminum Plastic Separation Machine is an advanced and efficient waste separation equipment, specially designed for processing complex aluminum-plastic mixtures such as used household appliances, abandoned cars, and electronic waste. Its engineering excellence and innovative technology make it ideal for waste recycling and resource reuse.

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Product Description

When you choose Hongxu Mechanical’s Aluminum Plastic Separation Machine, you will get an advanced and reliable equipment that makes outstanding contributions to waste recycling and resource reuse.

Eddy Current Separator Machines have many advantages, including:

Effective material separation: Utilizing advanced eddy current technology, this system efficiently segregates various materials such as aluminum and plastic with speed and precision, thereby enhancing the recovery process.

Versatile utilization: Applicable across a spectrum of waste management scenarios, encompassing used household appliances, discarded vehicles, electronic waste, and more, catering to diverse industry requirements.

Automated management: Featuring an intelligent control system, this equipment facilitates automatic operation and monitoring, minimizing operational complexities and enhancing productivity.

Customizable settings: The system offers adjustable sorting parameters, enabling flexible calibration according to material characteristics to achieve optimal separation results.

Robust and dependable: Constructed from premium-grade materials, this equipment boasts a resilient structure ensuring prolonged efficiency and stability throughout extended operational periods.

Eco-conscious and sustainable: By efficiently segregating aluminum-plastic composites, it contributes to heightened resource reclamation rates and mitigates environmental impacts, aligning with sustainable development principles.

Aluminum Plastic Separation Machine Application areas:

Aluminum Plastic Separation Machine is widely used in waste treatment plants, recycling stations, waste material processing centers and other places, providing the society with an efficient and environmentally friendly waste resource treatment solution.

Eddy current aluminum plastic separator parameter table
Product model Production per hour (tons) Power(KW) Body size(mm)
Type 400 0.8 tons 4KW 4000mm*830mm*2200mm
Type 600 1 ton 4KW 4000mm*1030mm*2200mm
Type 800 1.5 tons 5.5KW 4000mm*1230mm*2200mm
Type 1000 2 tons 5.5KW 4000mm*1430mm*2200mm
Type 1200 3 tons 5.5KW 4000mm*1630mm*2200mm
Model 1500 5 tons 7.5KW 4000mm*1830mm*2200mm

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