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Eddy Current Separator Machine
  • Eddy Current Separator MachineEddy Current Separator Machine

Eddy Current Separator Machine

The Hongxu Mechanical's Eddy Current Separator Machine from China suppliers can be widely used in the field of solid waste sorting, including broken bridge aluminum insulation strips, scrap steel crushing tailings, recycled aluminum, waste glass, cable wire crushing, infusion bottle crushing, and home appliance crushing and dismantling , scrapped car dismantling, etc.

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Product Description

Hongxu Mechanical’s Eddy Current Separator Machines have significant technical advantages in waste treatment and resource recovery, helping to promote environmental protection and sustainable development.

Eddy Current Separator Machines have many advantages, including:

Efficient separation capability: The eddy current aluminum-plastic separator can efficiently separate materials such as aluminum and plastic, ensuring a more effective recycling process.

Wide range of applications: This separator is suitable for a variety of fields, including the processing and separation of various solid wastes such as used household appliances, abandoned cars, and electronic waste.

High degree of automation: Eddy current aluminum-plastic separators usually have advanced automated control systems, which can realize automatic operation and monitoring, reduce manual intervention, and improve production efficiency.

Strong adjustability: The equipment usually has adjustable sorting parameters, which can be adjusted according to different material characteristics to obtain the best separation effect.

Environmental protection: By effectively separating waste, eddy current aluminum plastic separators help maximize waste recycling rates and reduce negative impacts on the environment.

Strong durability: Equipment is usually made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials and has a long service life.

Eddy current aluminum plastic separator parameter table
Product model Production per hour (tons) Power(KW) Body size(mm)
Type 400 0.8 tons 4KW 4000mm*830mm*2200mm
Type 600 1 ton 4KW 4000mm*1030mm*2200mm
Type 800 1.5 tons 5.5KW 4000mm*1230mm*2200mm
Type 1000 2 tons 5.5KW 4000mm*1430mm*2200mm
Type 1200 3 tons 5.5KW 4000mm*1630mm*2200mm
Model 1500 5 tons 7.5KW 4000mm*1830mm*2200mm

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