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Eddy Current Aluminum Plastic Separator
  • Eddy Current Aluminum Plastic SeparatorEddy Current Aluminum Plastic Separator

Eddy Current Aluminum Plastic Separator

Hongxu Mechanical’s high quality eddy current aluminum plastic separator is a sorting equipment used to separate aluminum from plastics and impurities. It can separate non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum from mixed materials. , effectively avoiding resource waste. The eddy current aluminum-plastic separator has stable separation effect and large output, and is suitable for use in fields such as garbage disposal, scrap car dismantling and recycling, scrap electrical appliance recycling, and scrap aluminum recycling and crushing.

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Product Description

Application fields of eddy current aluminum-plastic separator

The Hongxu Mechanical’s eddy current aluminum-plastic separator can be widely used in the field of solid waste sorting, including broken bridge aluminum insulation strips, scrap steel crushing tailings, recycled aluminum, waste glass, cable wire crushing, infusion bottle crushing, and home appliance crushing and dismantling , scrapped car dismantling, etc. Solid waste refers to solid and semi-solid waste generated in production, life and other activities that has lost its original use value or been discarded, but still has use value. The treatment and utilization of solid waste has always been a problem that needs to be solved by countries around the world. Recycling and reusing solid waste can not only save resources, but also reduce environmental pollution. Traditional solid waste treatment technologies (landfill, compost, etc.) have It cannot adapt to the current development trend. The currently recommended sorting resource regeneration, recycling and reuse technologies are also the future development direction.

Working principle of eddy current aluminum-plastic separator

The eddy current aluminum-plastic separator is designed based on the principle that metal conductors can generate induced current in high-frequency alternating magnetic fields, which can achieve efficient separation and sorting of non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum. When the eddy current aluminum-plastic separator is working, it will generate a high-frequency alternating strong magnetic field on the surface of the sorting magnetic roller. When non-ferrous metals enter the strong magnetic field sorting area, the magnetic field generated by the eddy current will repel the original magnetic field. Non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum will The metal jumps over the baffle and is thrown out, and plastics, rubber, etc. automatically fall down to achieve material separation. The eddy current sorting machine has good sorting effects on a variety of non-ferrous metals, effectively avoiding the waste of resources.

Advantages of eddy current aluminum-plastic separator

(1) The sorting effect is stable

The eddy current aluminum-plastic separator uses the eddy current generated by the mixed materials entering the strong magnetic sorting area. Under the action of the magnetic field, it can achieve efficient separation of non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminum, etc.) and non-metallic materials. The sorting rate can reach 99%, effectively avoiding the waste of resources.

(2) Variable frequency control

In the variable frequency speed regulation system, the frequency converter is used to control the motor so that the motor runs at the required speed. The frequency conversion speed regulation system has the advantages of soft start, soft braking and smooth speed regulation, which can save energy.

(3) Water circulation cooling system

The water circulation cooling system of the eddy current aluminum-plastic separator adopts an enlarged water tank, which can transfer a large amount of heat generated during the production process to the natural environment and ensure the normal operation of the production process. Except for the increase in temperature, the physical and chemical properties of the cooling water do not change significantly. After cooling, it can be recycled and reused to save resources.

(4) Bearing temperature control system

The bearing temperature can be monitored and controlled in real time through the intelligent control panel, bringing convenience to the work of operation and maintenance personnel.

(5) The baffle gap is adjustable

The baffle gap of the eddy current aluminum-plastic separator is adjustable. The baffle gap can be adjusted according to the separation requirements of materials of different sizes to achieve the ideal separation effect. Simple operation and convenient adjustment.

(6) Vibrating feeder

When the vibrating feeder is working, the vibration generated by the vibrating motor and the exciting force of the vibrating feeder act on the materials, shaking the materials evenly onto the belt, effectively avoiding the unstable sorting effect of the equipment caused by uneven feeding of materials. Case.

(7) Install iron removal roller

While being able to separate non-ferrous metals, an iron removal roller can be installed to separate iron from the material. One machine can be used for multiple purposes, reducing the demand for sorting equipment during the production process, effectively reducing the impurity content of the material, and improving the impurity removal effect. Make materials cleaner.

(8) Equipment has long service life

The bearings are from international first-line brands, and the motors and reducers are from mainstream Chinese brands. High-quality bearings, motors, reducers, etc. can extend the service life of the equipment, ensure stable operation of the equipment, and save energy costs.

(8) Adopt modular design

The eddy current aluminum-plastic separator is equipped with multiple observation doors, which can be opened at any time to check the operating status of the equipment. An observation light is installed in the strong magnetic field sorting area. The material sorting status can be clearly seen through the observation light, which facilitates troubleshooting and maintenance. .

(9) Strong and durable

The eddy current aluminum-plastic separator uses thickened square tubes as a whole, making the equipment more stable, less prone to deformation, and more durable.

(10) The conveyor belt material is durable

The conveyor belt of the equipment is made of PU material. Generally, the hardness of PU is 92 Shore hardness. Compared with other ordinary materials, it has stronger hardness, faster rebound and stronger wear resistance, which can avoid During the operation of the equipment, the conveyor belt is damaged by contact and friction with the material, and the PU material is also healthier and more environmentally friendly.

(11) Environmentally friendly and pollution-free

The eddy current aluminum-plastic separator completely adopts a purely physical sorting method. It uses metal conductors to generate induced current in a high-frequency alternating magnetic field. The magnetic field generated by the eddy current repels the original magnetic field. Different materials have different magnetic conductivities, achieving the separation of mixed materials. Separation and sorting, using purely physical methods will not cause pollution to the environment, and at the same time can reduce the waste of resources.

4. Since there are many models of eddy current aluminum-plastic separators, in order to better provide customers with professional technical services, our company can provide corresponding model recommendations according to the different needs of customers.

Eddy current aluminum plastic separator parameter table
Product model Production per hour (tons) Power(KW) Body size(mm)
Type 400 0.8 tons 4KW 4000mm*830mm*2200mm
Type 600 1 ton 4KW 4000mm*1030mm*2200mm
Type 800 1.5 tons 5.5KW 4000mm*1230mm*2200mm
Type 1000 2 tons 5.5KW 4000mm*1430mm*2200mm
Type 1200 3 tons 5.5KW 4000mm*1630mm*2200mm
Model 1500 5 tons 7.5KW 4000mm*1830mm*2200mm

5. If you purchase an eddy current aluminum-plastic separator, we will provide a full range of technical support and services to make your use worry-free. The following accessories are also included: host, motor, RV reducer, frequency conversion control cabinet, vibration feeder Feeder, strong magnetic roller, iron removal roller, pallet, water cooling facility, observation platform, PU material conveyor belt, elevated legs, operation video, etc.

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